About Ink Giant Print Haus

Ink Giant (IG) is a custom printing shop that main goal is to produce the highest quality product for the best price possible for the masses.

It started in 2016 when two friends mutually met and found out about their love of screen printing. From there they knew that one day they should open a screen-printing company and combine their powers to form one company to rule them all.

IG’s main goal is to grow into a business that can give back to the community and the customer base in a positive way. IG believes that taking care of the community is important because the community takes care of them.

IG’s mission is to treat each customer as if they are family; making sure their needs and ideas are taken care of.

On creating customer artwork Jordan Brush replied, “We want to work with artist, both local and abroad in order to create the best looking designs for our shirts.”

Core Values


Humility is born through respect. Understanding others views outside your own. Admitting fault and taking accountability.


Here at Ink Giant we value the relationships of our staff and customers as we would our own family. Everyone is unique, so we help each other without question and love unconditionally.


Knowledge is power and we should never stop learning. Take pride in get better and helping other to learn.


There is always room for improvement in our lives and in our job. We pride ourselves in quality while maintaining efficiency in the work place.